About Us


The passion for materializing ideas has always been evident for Talía, the founder of LUK. In 2016, LUK was born with the simple idea of making leather bags. Inspired by the connection with the artisan, the first prototype was created by adding details of Andean looms, marking the beginning of a creative journey.

LUK is a genuine and true-to-its-essence brand. Our models are discoveries of daily interactions, reflecting the authenticity of those who choose them. Each piece is a handmade artisanal work made in Peru. The fusion and research of diverse materials, combined with artisanal processes, creates magic in every product.

We are the union of universes, we are LUK


Through our creations, we blend various materials with artisanal processes to craft unique products that reflect the essence of those who choose them.


We aim to inspire people to connect with their authenticity, love for life, and nature, creating meaningful and unique experiences that transcend the tangible, turning us into a universe of magic, color, and self-connection.


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